What is Multimedia?

Multimedia refers to those software applications that combine and synchronize multiple types of media such as voice, animation, text, illustrations, photos, video and graphics to achieve fantastic results. Even a combination of any two or more of the above elements gives enough leeway to you to be able to control, what you have to see!


Want to Log into the World of Multimedia?

Market and product success for multimedia ranges widely over the last few years. It was a year of explosive growth for multimedia! The usage of multimedia has extended to studios like Universal, 20th Century Fox, and TV Channels. Remember the time when you looked on spell-bound while seeing the half-man, half-machine character of Arnold-Schwarzenegger - looking absolutely life-like and realistic in the Terminator! This amazing stuff is churned out due to multimedia applications at work, in the background. If you look around for a while, something or the other that is associated with multimedia is sure to be within sight. The fact is that multimedia, has been making ground at mind-boggling pace in the fields of education, film-making, business, advertising etc. The Indian market has emerged as a cost-effective sourcing base for multimedia professionals.


Who can learn Multimedia?

If you're immensely creative and artistic, join up for a career course in high-end multimedia and animation @ drisya You should have color sense and an aptitude for design. It involves loads of creativity and intelligence. You have to have an interest in art and designing. Apart from that, your educational qualification doesn't come into the picture!

What can you become after completing Multimedia ?

Fashion Multimedia Animators, (2D & 3D) Web Designing & Development, Video Editors, Image Editors, Designers, Page Layout Artists, DTP Professionals, Visualizers, Special-Effects Experts, Graphic Designers, Content Developers, CD ROM Authors etc.

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